To become a member, please send a short motivated letter accompanied by a CV to the secretariat of ANBPPI / BNVBIE at aippi (at) arnold-siedsma (dot) be.

The Board will decide at its next board meeting whether you and/or your legal entity are admitted to our association. The secretariat of ANBPPI will keep you informed about this decision in due course.

To be admitted, an individual should show at least two years of activity in the field of intellectual or industrial property. A legal entity is admitted if its activities imply an interest in the field of intellectual property (IP). In addition, the entity should have among its management or staff people at least one individual who could be admitted with his IP-qualifications as a member.

Membership entails becoming a member of both AIPPI and of ANBPPI/BNVBIE. The fees for membership are as follows:


  • 50 EUR for individuals and not-for-profit organisations
  • 30 EUR for individuals under 30
  • 110 EUR for for-profit organisations. Such organisations can delegate 2 qualified individuals.


  • 150 EUR for individuals and organisations
  • 60 EUR for individuals under 30